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Clínica Veterinaria Mediterranea

” we are a first opinion practice, ready to provide gold standard service for your pets.

We have ,consult rooms, digital x-ray , ultrasound, in house lab , biochemistry and uroanalysis, fully equipped theatre with inhalatory anaesthetic, multiparametric monitors, infusion pumps etc. we also have hospitalization facilities, we provide 24/ 7 out of hours emergency service in our own practice by our own staff.

Our staff, veterinary surgeons, vet nurses and receptionist have large experience and they are ready and happy to help you “.

“But the most important part of our practice are you, our clients and your pets”



Complete exam and all the necessary advice on nutrition, parasite control, vaccinations, behavior, and any other issue that worries you.

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Our Veterinarians

Dra. Susana Rodríguez Medina

Dr. Susana Rodríguez Medina: Veterinary licensed by the Complutense University of Madrid.

Dr. Pablo Gozalo  Sanz
Dr. Pablo Gozalo Sanz
Director, Veterinarian

Dr. Pablo Gozalo Sanz: Veterinarian licensed by the Complutense University of Madrid.

Dr. Manuel Norte Vazquez

Dr. Manuel: Licensed veterinarian.

Clínica Mediterránea is a complete service, both of primary care of animals that offers a wide range of veterinary services. Our facilities have several fully equipped consulting rooms, surgery room and radiology room and advanced diagnostic imaging.


One of the most common problems we see every day at our practice is related with our pet´s mouth. Bad breath and red gums may not seem very important to you but this is, in fact, the beginning of what is known as periodontal disease (an irreversible problem that it will cause pain, infection and tooth loss). What is periodontal…


Leishmaniasis is an important disease of dogs that is endemic in the Mediterranean areas of Europe and, unfortunately, in this part of Spain the prevalence of the disease is very high. The agent responsible for this is a parasite called Leishmania infantum. At the present leishmaniasis is restricted in the UK to dogs that have been imported from endemic areas.…


“Heartworm” is the common name for a potentially deadly disease caused by a helminth parasite called Dirofilaria immitis that is endemic in this part of Spain and southern parts of Europe. The adult worms are 10-35 cm long, the females being larger than the males. They are found predominantly in dogs though cats can get infested occasionally.   This disease…

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